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 DOUBLEDS 19 MEMBERS How things have changed

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DOUBLEDS   19 MEMBERS   How things have changed Empty
PostSubject: DOUBLEDS 19 MEMBERS How things have changed   DOUBLEDS   19 MEMBERS   How things have changed Icon_minipostedThu Oct 11, 2007 2:28 pm

Hi everyone..

Just wanted to say to all the dudes that helped start this allience off and hung in there through all the bs with DD they still embarrase them selfs with having rip nbk on there allience page with nothing else or no one else on it? i mean thats crazy hahaha infact good advertising for nbk everyone must know who he is now eh hahaha wish it was my name up there :-)

ANYWAY Thanks so you all for sticking it out and hanging in there... and rebuilding any losses with out quitting the game like most do... its the account that takes so long to build up thats important fleet can always be rebuild .. the more u raid the more u can build... if you mine only then yea might take a year to make a fleet rather than 2 weeks haha..

Welcome all the New Members.! hope there is lots of usefull info in the private sections to help you ogame.... so thanks for joining once again and post in here to say Hi would be a nice idea also... (when you all sign up)

Ok well thats enuff rubbish from me..!!

We have made a good allience people!!! any only getting stronger.
remeber you all have as much say as me for the allience if there is anything more you want out of it make it happen.. let us all know.. its all good..


-[D12]-|2iGz (online UT and Battlefield clan name hehe)
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DOUBLEDS 19 MEMBERS How things have changed
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